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26 dicembre 2008

Best Dressed Celebrity of 2008

Miami, FL (CNS) - If she were a boy, she probably wouldn't have made our list at all (the guys closest to the Top 10 were Kanye West and David Beckham). But Beyonce shook herself all the way to #1 with readers voting her the #1 Best Dressed Celebrity of 2008.
1. Beyonce: Beyonce had a relatively quiet start to 2008, but when she came back, she came back hard... and in style. Performances, red carpets and more showed Beyonce trying on some futuristic looks, including a robot glove that I firmly believe can be used to shoot explosions at anyone who gets in her way.
2. Rihanna: Rihanna was EVERYWHERE this year and she always managed to look like a star, earning her enough votes to situate her right behind the Queen B.
3. Katy Perry: Katy Perry hit the scene with all her old-school pin-up style flare, and it proved to be a sexy, classic style all her own.
4. Hilary Duff: Hilary Duff had a relatively quiet year this year but she made enough of an impression on our readers with her simple, sexy style. Expect to see a lot more of Hilary next year with four movies in the can and a new development deal with NBC.
5. Jennifer Aniston: We saw her dressed up and dressed down...way down.. She was nude on the cover of GQ. But she definitely looked better than ever on an array of magazine covers, premieres and a hilarious stint on "30 Rock."
6. Anne Hathaway: The "Get Smart" star's sophisticated style proved that the Devil might wear Prada, but Anne looks good in anything.
7. Britney Spears: Britney hasn't exactly been a style icon for years, but even her wardrobe made a comeback this year, showing off her slim new figure in performances and a daringly low-cut designer dress on her birthday.
8. Heidi Klum: Klum lit up the screen every Wednesday night on Project Runway with gorgeous, fashion-forward looks that made us wish she could model all the designer looks.
9. Victoria Beckham: The Spice Girl has always been known for her "major" style and readers felt this year was no exception.
10. Reese Witherspoon: Witherspoon didn't show off her acting chops this year ("Four Christmases," anyone?) but she did look radiant showing off plenty of designer duds at the premieres.


Miami, FL (CNS) - Se lei era un uomo, probabilmente non avrebbe fatto parte della nostra classifica (gli uomini più vicini al Top 10 sono stati Kanye West and David Beckham). Ma Beyonce si stupisce di se stessa e si piazza alla #1 votata dai lettori nelle Celebrità meglio vestite del 2008.
1.Beyonce: Beyonce ha iniziato tranquillamente questo 2008, ma è tornata, è tornata calda … e con stile. Esibizioni, tappeti rossi ed ha dimostrato molto provando look futuristici, includendo un guanto di robot, che penso venga usato per far esplodere le bombe.
2.Rihanna: Rihanna è stata OVUNQUE quest’anno, ha mostrato sempre un look come una stella , guadagnando abbastanza voti l’ha fatto posizionare dietro la regina Beyonce.
3. Katy Perry: Katy Perry rompe le scene con tutto il suo style fiammante ed “antico”, che si è rivelato sexy ed uno stile a lei appartenente.
4.Hilary Duff: Hilary Duff ha avuto un anno tranquillo ma ha dato molta impressione, ai nostri lettori, con il suo stile semplice e sexy. Aspettiamo di vedere di più nell’anno prossimo con 4 film e il contratto con l’NBC. [...]
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