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26 dicembre 2008

Video e singoli spostati o cancellati

1. Little Voice - A "live" version of this was released to Australian markets, but an actual video was supposed to be filmed for this single. No synopsis available. Video canceled because Hollywood thought it would just be cheaper to release the "live" video. Had there been a new video, it would have still only been released in Australia, & possibly Europe. 

2. Where Did I Go Right? - This was supposed to be the third single from "Metamorphosis." The video was to be set in winter, a lot of white & gray. There were to be flashbacks of her with her "boyfriend" & of them fighting. The video/single was canceled because the record company wanted to do cross promotion for her music & "A Cinderella Story," since they were releasing the soundtrack, they wanted new music.

3. Weird - A single was released in Spain, the video was supposed to be shot before 2005. No synopsis available, but it was supposed to be another "live" video with a storyline going on in between the performance shots. The video was canceled because Hollywood had been ready to give up on the era.

4. I Am - This was going to be released as a Disney Channel single. She?d be in room singing & there would have been real-life scenes like in "Fly." The video was canceled two weeks before shooting was to start, most likely because of the same reason as "Weird." It was originally going to be shot before 2005.

5. The Getaway - Thanks to fan's feedback & Canadian airplay, this was set to be released as a single. There would have been scenes in the video of Hilary?s character packing, performance shots & in a car. This was set to be shot in mid January of 2005. The only reason it was canceled was because of the decline of sales from the previous holiday week to a regular week. But all sales declined, so this was most likely canceled because Hollywood Record just wanted to give up on the era.

6. Do You Want Me - Always planned as the third single from Hilary's self-titled album. Due to the cancellations of the other songs, this didn't have a chance at being released.

7. Untitled Song - This was meant to be on "The Perfect Man" soundtrack. I'm sure all the fans would have loved this song, I'm not revealing this title for legal reasons but it was some of Hilary's best work. She recorded this in a rush because she was busy at the time. Hilary had also co-written it. Hollywood canceled it because it was recorded last minute, & plans for "Most Wanted" had already been finalized. So they decided to just wait for "Wake Up" to be released.

8. Break My Heart - Definitely a big disappointment. The video was to be set in a school. Plus a few performance shots in the school & some singing shots in a classroom by herself. Hilary was actually leaning to this song being released but Hollywood thought "Beat Of My Heart" would have been a better release. Obviously they were mistaken.

9. Supergirl - This was going to be released in February/March 2006. There were going to be lots of colors, especially orange. A lot like a commercial. Canceled for unknown reasons.

10. Material Girl - The video was supposed to be a modern remake of the original. Canceled in favor of "Play With Fire."

11. Never Stop - While mainstream was sent "With Love" as the first single from "Dignity," Hollywood was planning on releasing this as the first single for Disney Channel & Radio Disney. Hilary did not want to be affiliated with Disney any longer so the they canceled the video & released "With Love" to Radio Disney only.

12. Dignity - Was to be a radio single a month after "With Love" was released. A video was being planned as well. Canceled in favor for "Stranger."

13. Danger - This was going to be the second/third European single from "Dignity" (depending on where you lived). Set in a club, there would be some scenes of Hilary singing on the stage. Some really gorgeous face shots were planned as well. Dance scenes as well. As for the storyline, there'd be a man following her around the club & cornering her during the third verse in the bathroom. It sounded like a good video. The video was canceled because Hollywood had already given up on the era. It was originally supposed to be shot sometime in between July 9th & July 20th & Hilary was really excited for it. It would have been her most provocative video yet. 

14. Gypsy Woman - Was set to be the third single from "Dignity." The video was going to be pretty dark, VERY glamorous. There would have also been a dark break & Hilary would have had curly hair throughout the whole video. The full synopsis is top secret, I don't know anything about the storyline, just the overall feel. Canceled because Hollywood have given up on the era. It was supposed to be shot in the same timeframe as "Danger." Between July 9th - July 20th. A TRL appearance to premiere the video had been set in August. But that was canceled as well. Hollywood would have sent this for adds in September.

1-little voice.questo video sarebbe dovuto uscire in australia e sarebbe stato un video-live,la hollywood records ha preferito girare un video da far uscire anche in europa
2-where did i go right.doveva essere il terzo video estratto da metamorphosis , video sarebbe stato ambientato in inverno raffigurando hilary e il suo ragazzo litigare,il video è stato cancellato per il fatto che la casa discografica voleva promuovere cinderella story
3-weird.il singolo è uscito solo in spagna,il video sarebbe stato un'altra serie di live,la casa discografica ha preferto non farlo uscire
4-i am. sarebbe stato + o meno come fly ma è stato cancellato per lo stesso motivo di weird
5-the getaway.il video sarebbe stato formato dai pezzi della vita quotidiana di hilary me è stato cancellato per il motivo che c'era stato un calo delle vendite quindi era preferibile lavorare a un nuovo cd
6-do you want me.sarebbe stato il terzo singolo del suo album ononimo ma a causa delle cancellazioni degli altri singoli questo nn ha mai visto la luce
7-Untitled song.canzone incisa per the perfect man che nn è mai stata rilasciata a causa dello scarso tempo di incisione si dice sia la più bella che hilary avesse mai fatto
8-Break my heart.il video sarebbe stato girato in una scuola ma la hollywood records ha preferito far uscire beat of my heart
9-supergirl.sarebbe stato rilasciato verso febbraio/marzo 2006  sarebbe stato un video molto colorato ma è stato cancellato per motivi sconosciuti
10-material girl.sarebbe stato un video remake dell'originale,cancellato perchè la casa discografica ha preferito play with fire
11-never stop.sarebbe stato mandato su radio disney ion contemporanea a with love ma hilary ha preferito di no
12-dignity.sarebbe stato rilasciato dopo un mese dallancio di with love ma è stato preferito stranger
13-Danger.sarebbe stato un bellissimo video con scene live di danza e provocanti avrebbe anche avuto una story line la casa discografica ha preferito cancellarlo
14-gyspy woman.sarebbe stato più o meno come danger molto elegante ma è stato cancellato per gli stessi motivi di danger

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