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22 gennaio 2009

Hilary duff On Ghost Whisperer

Lizzie Mac is back!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Hilary Duff will appear in an upcoming episode of Ghost Whisperer as a “beautiful woman of mystery” who (duh) may or may not have been involved in the death of some dude.

Random fact that may help explain how this whole thing came about: Duff and Jennifer Love Hewitt are BFFs! Who knew?

Duff’s Ghost gig comes amid news that she’ll headline Barely Legal, an NBC comedy about an 18-year-old who passes the California bar and becomes the state’s youngest attorney. (Additional reporting by Oriana Schwindt)


in poche parole hilary farà un episodio del famoso telefilm e interpreterà una bella donna ovviamente morta perchè sarà il suo fantasma..e ha comfermato il suo nuovo telefilm Barely legal

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