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16 gennaio 2009

No future for holiday......

Rick from MissDuff posted on his blog this exclusive new:
"Since the past 4 updates are about acting projects and their rumors, here’s a good change — music.
I’ve contacted Maria Kleinman of Hollywood Records. She’s the Public Relations manager and I got a response today. My questions were about her music status for the label and the plans for ‘Holiday’ as a single.
Unfortunately, there is no hope for the song to be familiarized to the non-Hilary fans. This song is classic, it can even turn haters into fans. I understand, though. ‘Best of’ and ‘Reach Out’ are the label’s last plans for Hilary. Oh well, nobody can have a lifetime guaranteed success from the label. One is because they don’t EVER release more than 2 singles per album and two is because after their potential is gone, they wouldn’t care about you after all the money you gave them. And what they wasted for promo isn’t even a quarter of the album’s sales. Watch out Miley and Jonai, you’ll be an unfairly treated artist if you don’t switch labels now. It’s not too late to break their hearts. I’m proud of Ashley Tisdale, though. I bet she was offered a contract with Hollywood Records but she turned it down for Warner Music. I wish Hilary was like that from the start. I hope someone from the label reads this, so that they’ll realize how horrible they are.
But hey, since Hilary is under a talent deal with NBC and Universal Media Studios, I hope Universal Music Group would pick her up for her new album.
Hey Ric
Hilary Duff’s Holiday is not planned for being a single. This decision was under an agreement with the label: her new record and the new single, Reach Out, are our last plans for her. It is usually like that with greatest-hits compilations.
She didn’t respond to my second question, which is asking about Hilary’s new record label. I guess they’re offended that I reminded them of yet another artist loss.
in poche parole dice che reach out è l'ultimo lavoro con la casa discografica
e che holiday non era stato programmato come singolo....
alla domanda riguardo alla nuova casa discografica di hilary non si è avuto risposta

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