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10 febbraio 2009

New single to safety glass

Ric from MissDuff contatc David about Hilary song in Safety Glass:
"Want to know all about Safety Glass? Want to know about the new original song Hilary did for the movie? Email me back & we can chat.
David works for Amhester Records, an independent record company, and somehow, they are related to the studios behind the film Safety Glass! Get excited, ya’ll! It’s getting progress!"
And David Anwser:
"Her new song will most definitely be released as a single. The record company is totally “Hilary Fan Friendly” and wants to work with her loyal fans where it can. The company is trying to work out a way to add a digital package of shots of the stars in the film including Hilary of course, if the entire soundtrack is purchased. The company knows her fans will really appreciate that and hopes they would support it. The company is a long standing, small independent record label and needs her fans help with this project."

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