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20 marzo 2009

Foodfight News

In '07, Keith Ridenour, Doug Shawe, and Wayne Hood and I wrote a song for the feature animated film "FOODFIGHT!". The movie comes out in 2009 and, Michael Lloyd, music supervisor choose "WOW!" to introduce "Madam X," a character voiced-over by Eva Longoria. (Additional voice overs done by Charlie Sheen and Hillary Duff.) FOODFIGHT! will be distributed by MGM and is one of the most ambitious animated films ever made (production budget around $60 million). "WOW!" will also be on the movie's major label soundtrack. Note: Atlantic Records recording artist Shanna Crooks is the artist singing "WOW!" (Note: "WOW!" is embargoed and the only way you can hear it is I have to play it for you in your office, car or home as I am restricted from emailing it or putting it up on this or any other internet site.)

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