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13 marzo 2009

Hilary Duff is a Big Tipper

Forget frugality for Hilary Duff, it’s all about the Benjamin’s! The former child star never tips in ones, fives, tens or even twenties, she hands out hundreds!

After getting her hair dyed and styled at the Byron and Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, the singer left an extra $200 on top of a $250 bill!

And it’s not just at the salon that she splurges. “She slips hundreds to everyone, from valets and restroom attendants to Starbucks cashiers,” says a pal, explaining that Hilary is so generous because when her mom, Susan, worked as a makeup artist she often got crummy tips.

Hilary’s generosity has even rubbed off on her hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie, 28. “Before dating Hilary, Mike was tipping the regular 15 percent,” the friend says. “Now he’s up to 50 percent!”

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