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03 marzo 2009

Hilary Duff: Why I Lucked Out With My New Boyfriend

It's a good thing Hilary Duff is happy with her boyfriend -- hockey star Mike Comrie -- because she is not good at being single.
"I'm the worst dater!" Duff tells
Usmagazine.com. "I never really dated. I've been lucky to meet great people and be like, 'Okay, let's go. Let's do this.'"
Although she admits that she first liked Comrie for his looks, she asserts that there's more to their relationship than physical attraction.
"I think first attraction to someone, you're kind of like, 'Oh he's cute,' you know?" she says. "But he's a great guy. I've never met anyone who could say a bad word about him. He's generous, caring, funny. We just laugh our heads off, which I need in my life."
She says that he makes her melt on a daily basis, adding: "He's unique. I wouldn't want to be with someone who wasn't unique."
The star says things "are good" with her boyfriend even though he was just traded from the New York Islanders to a team in Canada.
"New York, Ottawa -- a little bit of a change," she told
Us at the 13th Annual Power of Love Gala in the Ballagio in Las Vegas on Saturday. "But it's really good for him. They're a great team."
She says she has already planned trips to visit him in Ottawa.
"I'm like the crazy hockey lady sitting in the crowd, screaming my head off," she tells ''

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