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23 marzo 2009

Hilary part in candies foundation

Yes, she’s done it again. Our girl has joined yet another foundation. She has joined forces with the likes of Beyonce, Ciara, Jenny McCarthy, Vanessa Minnillo, Ashley Tisdale & many more for the Candies Foundation to prevent teen pregnancy. I didnt even know she was a part of this until I seen it on PerezHilton. Also recently, Hilary has taken action against homophobia when she appeared in an awesome advertisement telling us to dont say ‘thats so gay’. I know right. How very girl wearing a skirt as a top of us. Im sorry, I had to. Im so for this. Dont get up the duff! That means rubish, right?’

The mission of The Candie’s Foundation is to educate America’s youth about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy through celebrity PSA campaigns and initiatives.

Celebrities that have participated in the campaigns include Beyonce, Ciara, Jenny McCarthy, Vanessa Minnillo, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Usher, Rachel Bilson, Teddy Geiger amongst many others.

From the official Candies Foundation Website.

Please pay a visit to the official Candies Foundation website today for more information.


in breve hilary ha aderito alla associazione della nota marca di abbigliamento Candies dove si raccolgono soldi per dare l'educazione riguardo alle gravidanze precoci delle giovani americane e il modo per evitarle.
Questo cosa è stata segnalata qualche giorno nella homepage del sito perez hilton e poi riportato dal sito http://www.oh-hilary.com/ che ha scritto l'articolo e degli approfondimenti al riguardo.

per favore se prendete la traduzione creditate

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