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08 marzo 2009

Interview about "Blessings a Backpack" in Toronto

"Do you want to sit instead" she asked. Without hesitation we both plopped down on top of one of the desks, and chilled, cross-legged of course. It was hard not to notice the other people in the room (but that's life) as well as her sidekick, also known as Muchmusic's wonder woman Leah Miller.
Q: What does this program mean to you?
H: "This is a devastating problem. (Clearing throat) I feel responsible. I feel I have a name that can help spread the word, and help this cause. It shouldn't be like this, you know, I feel like in the U.S. and Canada people just turn a blind eye, we all know what's going on but pretend it's not an issue, I just don't get it. (Catching her breath) These youth, and young adults shouldn't have to worry about this, they shouldn?t have to live with empty stomachs and the feeling of always being starving, it's just not right."
If you thought she wasn't articulate, take that. After doing a gazillion interviews Ms. Duff still emphasized the severity of the cause, using hand gestures and all. I have to note her asserting qualities as well. Whenever I asked my first question the fun-loving organizer, Stan Curtis (see left) jumped in and started talking with us (and I loved it). The PR people didn?t. So after Stan was done, I was about to get the boot and Hilary spoke up saying " No, I should answer more questions, I didn't speak enough in the first question. I want to give her more time." Is your heart warming?

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