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12 marzo 2009

nuovo concorso

i siti oh-hilary e tisdale-fan annunciano un nuovo concorso
qui tutti i dettagli
Oh-Hilary has teamed up with Tisdale-fan to bring you an awesome new competition. The winner of this competition will recieve one copy of the Best Of Hilary Duff & a copy of Ashley Tisdale’s ‘Picture This’ on DVD. All you have to do to claim this awesome prize is be creative. Here’s what you need to do…

You get your favourite pictures of either Hilary or Ashley (maybe them together) and design a new CD cover.
You must be creative. Be unique. Think of something which will blow everyone away.
Your entry must have Hilary Duff &/or Ashley Tisdale featured on it.
One entry per visitor.
Send your entry to me via email. All entries will be uploaded to the image gallery for everyone to see! Also if you have any further questions about the rules or need more information then please dont be afraid to ask. The contest will end April 1st. Get all your entries in now. I can’t wait to see them.

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