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18 marzo 2009

Safety Glass News

Mr. Felt works for Amhester Records, an independent record company, and Insight Movie Studios. He actually have seen the whole movie, of course. And we got in contact and he provided a lot of incredible information on Safety Glass. Get excited, ya’ll! It’s getting progress!

Well, we have huge news for you, all courtesy of Mr. Felt.
Hilary recorded a song for Safety Glass and it’s a definite single. There will also be a soundtrack for the movie. It will not be sung in the movie, but instead, it will just be played during the movie or the ending credits; just like how soundtrack singles are played.

The movie is not, in any way a musical. It’s actually not a comedy either (but there are some funny scenes). It’s a very dark movie, according to Mr. Felt. He also mentions how Hilary did a great job with her first serious lead role. The movie revolves around the death of a High School teacher in the mid 80’s in New Hampshire.
You may remember about the space shuttle Challenger disaster and on board at the ill fated flight was a high school teacher. Well, that teacher is from this high school where the movie takes place. The teacher was going to teach a class from space so the school at that time is all about the launch and excitement over that happening, which unfortunately ended in disaster. And, it turns out, a few weeks before the launch, there is a death of another teacher at that high school under mysterious circumstances. At the same time, a New York City reporter is sent up to the high school assigned to cover the space shuttle launch/teacher in space aspect but quickly gets involved in the other teacher’s mysterious death.

See how dark it is? What if Hilary’s a teacher in the movie? She plays Lucy, though; I don’t know yet. Mr. Felt didn’t confirm it. There’s no statement included in his messages confirming the movie poster going around and the possibility of a 2009 release with a trailer releasing in a few months. I really want this to come out soon; and just because there’s not much buzz about it right now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a hype. Well, here I am, though; starting a hype for this worthy movie.

On to the single news!
The song has a genre of dancey-pop. The record company needs our cooperation to have the single and the soundtrack a success; which isn’t a problem because we’re always hyped up for new Hilary music. The company is trying to work out a way to add a digital package of shots of the stars in the film including Hilary of course, if the entire soundtrack is purchased. The company knows that we, her fans, will really appreciate that and hopes they would support it. No word yet if it’s a full single with a music video, international release and radio airplay, but we’re hoping!


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