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04 aprile 2009

Greta Review on IMBD

One Hilary fan who wacth the movie, Greta, make one review:
"I'll just leave a review of the entire night, hope you guys don't mind...
It was a good movie and my cousin and I had a lot of fun. We arrived at around 4, three hours ahead of time. Really early, I know, I just didn't know what to expect, how many people would be there, ect.
At first I was wondering if maybe I was in the wrong area, because I was expecting a long, long line and no one was there. After one of the theaters confirmed it was playing at around 7, we walked around the mall, got food, drove around for a little while and came back at 6:15. This time, there was easily over 100 people separated into two lines. I was surprised to see that it wasn't little girls. Most of the people were around 18-mid 20's there were even a few elderly women (a group of them were in front of me). A little after we got in line, security approached us and asked us for our paper passes and our names to confirm we were on the list. Then (I'm guessing to pass time) the guards started talking to random people in the line, asking if we were here for Hilary Duff and why we liked her. I was one of the first people they asked, and I figured they would because I was one of the only black men there so I definitely stood out. I told the man that I liked her ever since Lizzie McGuire and that I've been looking forward to this movie since I first hard about it in the last few months of 07'. We talked a little bit more about the purpose of the screening, other artists, famous people he'd met until around 6:35 when they started letting us into the theater. They continued seating people until around 7:10. Producers, people who represented various distributors, even Susan Duff were there. I figured important people would be attending, because when you walked into theater, some of the seats were covered with blue tape, which meant they were being reserved. Most people didn't recognize Susan. She entered quickly, by herself and didn't bring any attention to herself and sat down close to the front. Then at 7:15, a producer of the movie (I think it was Rick Rosenthal but I'm not 100 percent sure) came to the front to give an introductory speech thanking everyone for coming and explaining that usually the cast would be here but that Hilary was busy in North Carolina, Evan was busy in New York and that he wasn't busy so he'd be there for the night. Everyone laughed. By that time, the theater was packed, every single seat. They were even offering people in the higher seats money to sit closer to the bottom because the producers important people didn't wanna sit so close up. There were even people on the floor of the isles. I guess they didn't expect so many people.
Anyway, the movie started. No commercials, no advertisements, it started right away (Probably because it was suppose to start twenty minutes before it did). It starts in indie fashion, kinda like Juno if you guys saw that one. The credits role, the actors are introduced. Hilary is hilarious right from the start. The opening scene she's on a bus and she does something to the fat guy next to her that had everyone laughing. She does whatever she wants, she says whatever she wants to whoever she wants whenever she wants to say it. There were so many parts where the entire audience laughed. She basically walked into a store and bossed her way into getting the job, she told the manager she was hired, when she'd start and what she would be doing there. She didn't follow any of her grandmothers rules, she was rude to the neighbor (even threatened her), rude to the customers that she helped at work. I don't wanna give away too much, but it was funny, had it's sad moments and all in all was enjoyable. The audience seemed really into it and even my cousin who's in his 'too cool to like teeny bobbers' phase liked it, so I guess that's a good sign.
My only problems with the movie were that I didn't feel much from Evan, I wish they would've chosen a better actor. I didn't feel like he really liked her, he wasn't very expressive. And I would've liked to know the mom a bit more, she was barely in the movie. Also I can tell there were a lot of deleted scenes. I saw a picture of Hilary painting something on the beach with her hair pinned back, that wasn't included in the movie. Neither were the parts where she was on the roof with a lap top, or the part where she was walking in the green dress getting ice cream from a man. Hilary was great for her standards though. As an actress, she's getting there. Some of her scenes were seriously impressive and she showed she's not completely talentless, again. She totally stole the show. She was the best actor of the film. It could be because most of the other people didn't get a whole lot of screen-time, but she owned. I'd rate the film a B.
Also, at the end of the movie, the audience gave a round of applause. And they gave us little booklets kinda like the one she had in the movie. They were kinda cool. I tried to look for Susan to say hi or something, but I couldn't find her. I guess she made a quick exit. lol"

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