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09 aprile 2009

New movie?

There’s a rumor goin’ round that Hilary is already signed up for, yep another movie flick! How f*cking awesome!
This could be fake, but you know lil old gullible me, believin’ everything I read. A big thank you to Becky, Ben & the staff @ Hilarynews for all this wonderful info.
Hilary Duff is rumored to co-star with country musician Toby Keith in a new movie, Provinces of Night.
The new movie will be directed by Shane Taylor and produced by Jay McPhaul. It sounds like an independent film. Reported to co-star alongside Hilary Duff and Toby Keith are Pell James and Bruce McGill.
The film, Provinces of Night, is based upon a novel of the same name by William Gay. The book is set in 1952 and follows the story of E.F. Bloodworth, a man who has returned to his Tennessee home after 20 years of roaming. The wife he left has faded and his three sons are grown up and angry - one a womanizing alcoholic, one driven to jealously hunt down his wife’s lover and one who puts hexes on his enemies. With all his sons hating him, Bloodworth finds solace in his grandson, Fleming, who respects him and his age. Fleming learns from the men in his family how anger can poison the soul and he rejects it for his true love, the beautiful Raven Lee. I’m going to assume that Hilary Duff is Raven Lee.
Filming for Provinces of Night will take place in Wilmington, NC for five weeks.

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