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02 maggio 2009

Casting in “Provinces of Night”

Hilary Duff has been down in Wilmington, NC filming her latest movie, Provinces of Night. The movie is based on the novel by the same name by William Gay, with the screenplay adaptation by W. Earl Brown. The movie is directed by Shane Dax Taylor.
The studio recently put out a press release talking about the production of the film, including some surprising casting developments. Hilary Duff will be co-starring alongside Val Kilmer, Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam and Faye Dunaway. Considering Hilary’s feud with Faye, it’s definitely an unusual casting pairing, but perhaps one they hope will increase publicity on the film.
According to a local article, a scene was recently being shot in an old house in Atkinson. According to this article, Hilary Duff is done filming all her scenes for the movie. Hilary talked to them about working on Provinces of Night, saying:
“These little movies are the most fun. It’s kind of just free, you know, anything goes, and the people are all here because they feel passionate about the project.”
As yet, there’s no word if Hilary Duff will be singing anything on the soundtrack for this movie.
Provinces of Night tells the story of a family that has been self-destructing. Here’s the summary:
Provinces of Night is the saga of a rural Tennessee family whose existence is mired in upheaval and self-destruction — a legacy wrought some forty years earlier by an unexpected act of violence and the sudden departure of the family patriarch. Now ill and nearing the end of his days, the old man has returned to his home and to the remnants of the family he left behind — his wife, now a shell of the woman he once loved; three sons calloused and resentful; and a grandson he’s never met but in whom lies the possibility of redemption. Heartrendingly portrayed, thoughtfully written and beautifully directed, Provinces of Night tells the story of loss, love, and loyalty — and the hope of deliverance from the cruelest of worlds.
BTW, what do you think of the logo released for the film? Reminds me a lot of What Goes Up,though I know they have a long way to go before they brand the film!
“Provinces of Night” Cast:
_Kris Kristofferson as E.F. Bloodworth, "a once promising singer-songwriter and infamous legend in his rustic Tennessee home town"
_Val Kilmer as Warren, "the eldest Bloodworth brother, escaped to Nashville and owner of a honky-tonk, ever chasing a new high and a new woman — in this case, Hazel, an oft-unconscious junkie"
_Hilarie Burton, the "oft-unconscious junkie"
_Dwight Yoakam as Boyd Bloodworth, "a lost soul tormented and driven to madness by heartache and sorrow"
_W. Earl Brown as Brady, "a polio-stricken, tarot-reading soothsayer; caretaker of the Bloodworth homestead and its wearied matriarch Julia"
_Faye Dunaway as Julia, the wearied matriach of the Bloodworth homestead
_Reece Thompson as Fleming Bloodworth, "the bookish son of Boyd and grandson to E.F."
_Hilary Duff as Raven Lee Halfacre, "the object of young Fleming’s attention, a beautiful and precocious teen enduring the reckless promiscuity of her alcoholic single mother, Louise"
_Sheila Kelley as Louise, Raven’s mother.

in breve hilay ha finito di girare le sue scene non si sa se canterà in questa colonna sonora e dice che è contenta del progetto e tutti ne sono molto appassionati.
la trama è stata già scritta e la potete trovare nei post precedenti
Hilary interpreta una graziosa madre single chiamata Luise

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