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07 maggio 2009

Hilary Duff Designs for Stars For A Cause

Hilary Duff has designed a necklace that will be donated for auction to Stars For A Cause. Celebrities designed their own red-carpet-worthy jewelry with the help of jewelry designer Robyn Rhodes. Each design incorporates semi-precious and precious stones, and pearls.
The jewelry was on display in London and will make its way to the US to be showcased at gala preview events in New York and LA prior to the auction on May 28th at the Bonhams & Butterfields gallery in LA. Proceeds from Hilary Duff’s necklace will go to Kids with a Cause.
Also check out this cool behind-the-scenes look at Hilary’s new single, “Any Other Day“, and how it was based on a song Robert Lawson wrote in 2002.

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