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16 maggio 2009

Hilary Duff talks Femme for DKNY

In this video, Hilary Duff talks at around 3:35 about her new fashion line, Femme for DKNY Jeans. Hilary said:
“It’s not only jeans. We did little jackets and tops and a few dresses and big cowl neck scarves, which is really fun…Since people are not wanting to spend a ton of money on clothes, it was really important to me designing the line to give people something extra. Like things that detach… something that comes with a top: maybe a big scarf that’s attached at the back, but you can take it off and wear it with something else. Or certain clothes that you can wear multiple different ways and it’ll look totally different.All of that’s going to be shown on the website, but my inspiration was kind of selfish, because I did a lot of clothes that I like to wear. And I wanted to do that for my fans who feel that maybe those type of clothes aren’t accessible where they are. This line is very accessible, very affordable, and really stylish.”

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