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15 maggio 2009

New Magazine Photoshoot Coming Soon!

Amuse posted the latest updates and mentioned a new magazine photoshoot and also new blog! He seems like a really busy man lol.
"Hey Gang...bet you wondered what's up? Well today I did a lot of errand running for AIDS Walk NY. I got to see the T-Shirts and I had to pick up supplies! I look forward to meeting any of you who are walking. I promise to get a lot of great photos. In fact, I am going out tomorrow to buy a new video camera. So this is the scoop... Thursday, I will be with Hilary when she lights the Empire State Building. A small model of the building is lit in the lobby when she throws the switch then the building will glow for the next few days...Yes, yes, yes, I will get pictures. Then Friday we have a photo shot for a magazine and I will be there too. Sometimes at magazine photoshoots they do not let me share photos till close to the time it is on the stand. Saturday, I will be running like a mad man and then Sunday is the walk. I have to be at our booth before 8:30am...ughhh...lol! I will remind Hilary to write a blog. She knows I gab with you about her anyway...LOL...I always give her the good fan club gossip! I will probably sleep very well Sunday night and then fill you in on all the gossip on Monday. Jessie will be there...will any one else be there from the Fan Club? Sometime between now and next week we will introduce something very neat, which I cannot spill the beans on yet. When I was at the AIDS Walk office I was showing off all your fun comments in the forums! They all think that you are very cool. They have a huge office and it is run by a lot of very cool and energetic people who are all aboutmunity service. And tons of interns!!!!"
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