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20 maggio 2009

A Theatrical Update From James Hoke

The first time I wrote a post for the What Goes Up Insider blog, we had high hopes. We still do.
Yet, as I mentioned then, independent releases face schedule changes all the time. And while we’ve been careful not to release information unless we are at least 90 percent certain, we’ve met some unexpected obstacles. Many of the cities that we included in our original plans did not have theaters available for a May 29 opening.
As a result, we’ve had to change the initial opening from 10 to six cities. And, one of those cities is different than those we included in our original plan. Here are the updates for today...
Chicago — Opening May 29
Wilmette Theater - 1122 Central Street - Wilmette, Illinois 60091
847-251-7424 - Wilmette Theater
Moorpark, Calif. — Opening May 29
Moorpark Cinemas 3 - 543 West Los Angeles - Moorpark, California 93021
805-552-9152 - Moorpark Cinemas 3
We are still opening in Bufflalo, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles as planned. And, we’re hosting our Hometown Hoopla contest to win a one night showing in the winner’s city.
While there is a chance we will be opening in other cities after May 29, we don’t want to release any possibilities and have them fall through. After all, we were the ones who pushed for a theatrical opening for fans; the last thing we want to do is create any disappointment.
I know some of you had hoped What Goes Up would be coming to your cities on May 29. I am sorry. Please keep in mind, the release is a long way from over.
To end on an exciting note, we received approximately 250 entries for the VIP Premiere Contest. We’ll be announcing the winners as soon as we are able to contact them tomorrow. Good luck!

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