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31 maggio 2009

'What Goes Up' could finally land Hilary Duff a worst actress Razzie Award

After losing three consecutive worst actress bids at the Razzie Awards, it looks like Hilary Duff has a real shot at taking home that honor this year for her performance in "What Goes Up." This coming-of-age comedy set against the backdrop of the Challenger space shuttle tragedy opened today to some of the worst reviews of the year so far.
Hilary Duff What Goes Up Razzie Awards The film by first-time writer-director Jonathan Glatzer earned a mere 17 at Metacritic, which the aggregating site characterizes as representing critical "dislike or disgust." However, that score stands far above the absolute zero that "What Goes Up" rated with the critics surveyed by Rotten Tomatoes.
For Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune, "Nothing in this movie is properly focused; everyone keeps talking about a character whom we never meet and does not matter; the tone keeps slipping around from indolent satire to thudding sincerity, and the Challenger shuttle disaster backdrop is queasy-making at best, offensive at worst." Glenn Whipp of the Los Angeles Times thought, "Glatzer aims to wring laughter out of this desperation but succeeds only in producing a series of contrived characters and situations that make 'The Breakfast Club' look like an unfiltered documentary." And as Vadim Rizov said in his review for the Village Voice, "This is rock bottom: I've seen a lot of terrible movies in the line of duty, but 'What Goes Up' might be the only genuinely unreleasable one."
Hilary Duff is a four-time also-ran at the Razzie Awards, those cheeky kudos that laud the worst in moviemaking. In 2004, she lost her first worst actress bid for "A Cinderella Story" to "Catwoman" star Halle Berry, who shocked the crowd when she showed up to accept the honor. The following year, Duff was edged out for her work in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" by "Dirty Boy" leading lady Jenny McCarthy. In 2006, she and her equally talented sister Haylie Duff made the misfire "Material Girls." However, they lost the worst actress award to Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct 2") and the worst couple prize to brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans along with Kerry Washington ("Little Man").
Don't fret if you can't get to the movies to see this masterpiece. The DVD version of "What Goes Up" is already scheduled for release June 18.
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