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26 giugno 2009

Aaron Carter: “I wrote a song about Hilary”

It’s been 7 years but, Hilary’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Carter looks back to his relationship with Hilary by writing a song entitled, ‘Let Go’.

He posts on his Twitter, saying:

I wrote this song about Hilary!

Wow, Really? This long?

The two have broken up in July 2003, right before Hilary came out with Metamorphosis. Although, they’ve reunited 2 years ago, on November 11, 2007.

Listen to the song, Let Go, which he wrote specially about Hilary:

Aaron Carter - Let Go | Right Click and ‘Save Link As…’ to Download MP3

The song had lyrics like,

I used to love a girl,
Thinking about her makes me a little crazy.

So, I gotta let go,
Because she let go so long ago.
It hurts to move on.

Life without you left me with a scar.

thanx to hduff.org

2 commenti:

Piko ha detto...

nn ci sn testimonianze ke sia per Hilary.

dcmagirl92 ha detto...

io ho solamente trovato la news e siccome molti siti su hilary ne parlavano mi pareva giusto scriverla