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03 giugno 2009

Hilary Duff to Attend “Bike in Style” Ceremony

Hilary Duff will be attending the “Bike in Style Challenge” Award Ceremony in June 2 - 2:30pm in New York City.
The “Bike in Style Challenge” was created to challenge Fashion Institute of Technology students to design stylish bike-wear and accessories for New Yorkers to enjoy biking to work. This challenge is to help support the NY Mayor’s work to make NYC a “green” city with New Yorkers biking to work.
DKNY partnered with students to provide creative direction in their designs - all including a poncho, jacket and travel bag. Winning designs will be developed into prototypes by DKNY. Hilary Duff acted as one of the 7 judges for the challenge.
The awards ceremony will be held at the LVMH Tower “Magic Room” in New York at June 2.

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