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30 luglio 2009

Glamour magazine interview

GLAMOUR: what in that time of your life supistes querias be actress?
Hilary duff: I started acting very young, at age nine, was a very exciting hobby. I was still studying, so act was my extracurricular activity. At age 12 started it to take more seriously and then I realized that this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life.
G: does what prefer, Act on television or film?
HD: are so different that not sadria as choosing. Recording in television is a little more fast, while in cinema everything is more slow. Each you allowed to express your talent and do different things.
G: do you feel more comfortable acting, singing or in both activities?
HD: I believe that in the two. You should know put your mind in the right place for each. When I started to work I had a mental preparation of two months of putting me in action. We must concentrate on the character and above all, feel comfortable. Importantly be your same while cantas or act, you must practise and put you in the role, otherwise it is natural.
G: you have been in the shade for a while is because you were working on some other project or because they want to be away for a while? Was a conscious decision or was something that just happened without foresee it?
HD: well, I have been doing many independent films that I have moved away from public view all the time and have prevented me attend events, but the truth if I wanted to take me a break from all this. I have been filming some small movies on several sides, I have therefore worked time I really needed away I. Wanted to be in my house. With my family, friends, my boyfriend and others. Comes a point at which these so busy that you start to alienate you your own work and that made everything what towards further monkeys interesting, so I take a while.
G: you have many fans around the world and you are also an example to follow to them, do what so seriously take you the role of be an example to follow the world?
HD: if I take it seriously. When I was younger was many responsibilities because very small people were that admiranda what was and did not want to give a bad example. I'm a positive person and it is important for me to give that image. Now that I am a little larger remains a great responsibility, interests me show you the world who I am and certainly interests me what they perceive.

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