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20 luglio 2009

What goes up presto in Italia e HDrevolution famoso anche per What goes up!

dal blog ufficiale di what goes up è appena giunta la notizia che il film di what goes up avrà rilascio mondiale e quindi anche in italia stay tuned per maggiori info!
Notare che nella news veniamo citati noi di hdrevolution per il supporto :)
the official what goes up blog has declared that the movie will have a worldwide release!!
for more info stay tuned!
In the official article you can see hdrevolution between the supporters!

questa è l'intera news/this is the full news:
Even after opening in only five markets to mixed reviews back on May 28, What Goes Up continued (and continues) to capture interest and attention. In fact, some are even saying that slowly and steadily, Jonathan Glatzer's film is earning its place as an eccentric cult classic, one that might not have taken hold in the mainstream but has clearly acquired a highly devoted group of fans.

So who are these people? The growing audience seems to be made up of fans who enjoyed strong and unique performances from their favorite actors and those who have really taken to Jonathan Glatzer and Robert Lawson's quirky dramedy.

In the United States, they are people like James van Maanen who heartily recommended the film over Woody Allen's theatrical release of Whatever Works. And beyond the only country that enjoyed a limited theatrical release to date, more than 40 percent of the audience consists of a growing international community.

In fact, as the producers attempt to secure any last remaining rights, online interest in the film is swelling. This week, What Goes Up has three times as much traffic than the week before on YouTube. While Texas, Florida, and North Carolina (major markets missed by the initial release) are the source in the United States; Columbia, Egypt, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom round out the most interest worldwide.

Part of the phenomenon can easily be attributed to Insider fans along with some of the most loyal Hilary Duff and other cast fans, including: Hilary One, HD Revolution, Hilary Records, Hilary Fan, Gossip Gander, among others.

What Goes Up also captured attention all around. Despite the unexpected unavailability of cast members leading up to the release, the independent release still managed to capture 14.4 percent of review readers. According to Movie Review Intelligence, the film's review value amounted to $226,000 despite mixed reviews being released early when compared to other films.

On the Internet, What Goes Up fared even better. It was the leading independent release during the week of its opening with 800 mentions every day, 25-50 blog posts per day, and more than one million views on YouTube (between the original account, new account, and fan duplications). Immediately following the release, the film maintained a 70 percent positive sentiment. All together, online interest placed What Goes Up better than most major multi-million dollar motion picture releases, earning ten times the attention direct to public than it did with reviews.

What does it all mean? What Goes Up seems to be one of those rare films that will attract more interest over time, which means it's well on its way to becoming one of those haunting cult classics that will be talked about long after most movies are forgotten. And according to the producers, they are doing everything they can to remember the fans too.

While many questions have been asked as to what is next for the film and soundtrack, time will eventually provide the answers. From the entire Insider team, thank you all for you support as well as some friendships made along the way. Good night and good luck.

source what goes up blog

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