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08 settembre 2009

Gossip Girl 2's All Titles |EXCLUSIVE BY HDR|

Ecco a voi tutti i titoli della nuova serie di Gossip Girl, dove parteciperà anche Hilary nel ruolo di Olivia!! Presto vi farò sapere anche in quali episodi parteciperà! STAY TUNED by HDR!
Ecco i titoli:
1. Summer Kind of Wonderful
2. Never Been Marcused
3. The Dark Night
4. The Ex-Files
5. The Serena Also Rises
6. New Haven Can Wait
7. Chuck in Real Life
8. Pret-a-Poor-J
9. There Might be Blood
10. Bonfire an Vanity
11. The Magnificent Archibalds
12. It's a Wonderful Lie
13. Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou
14. In The Real of the Basses
15. Gone with the Will
16. You've Got Yale
17. Carrnal Knowledge
18. The Age of Dissonance
19. The GrandFather
20. Remains of the J
21. Seder Anything
22. Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
23. The Wrath of Con
24. Valley Girls
25. The Goodbye Gossip Girl


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