Hilary finalmente si iscrive su Twitter! Seguila @HilaryDuff

01 luglio 2010

Demi dice che le piace Hilary durante la sua live chat il 30/06/2010

Demi Lovato parla di Hilary durante la sua Live Chat, Light ,uno dei nostri collaboratori, le ha chiesto se le piaceva Hilary Duff
Ecco cosa dice :
"and do i like Hilary Duff ?,
Yeah She's like the Original Disney Queen.
I think anyone that is on Disney Channel that's Female Looks up to her, She's Awesome.
and she is so beautiful and You know, She's got a great Figure she's not like this big, She's a really good role model for
people that have curves like me"

Grazie a Kimmie per l'aiuto

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