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24 febbraio 2009

Hilary defends Mike on Rachel Ray

Hilary Duff stands by her man!
The star said that she defends her boyfriend, New York Islander Mike Comrie, against the "intense fans" at his games.
"I like to sit in the audience, you know I don't sit up in a box or anything, and people started to know that I'm sitting there, and they'll be like 'Mike sucks!' Or [they] try to rile me up," Duff told Rachael Ray on the set of her talk show. "And I'm like, 'Hey, watch it! I'll come up there, you know.'"
She added: "I try to not be that crazy girlfriend."
Although she says hockey spectators are rough on one another, she admitted that she is starting to get into the sport.
"The first couple of games I went to, I'm like, 'These people are nuts,'" she says. "They are, like, so into it. And then, I got really into it once I started learning about the game."
Duff also opened up to Ray about her feud with Faye Dunaway, who asked why the couldn't "cast a real actress" for the updated Bonnie & Clyde film.
"Obviously, it was a little hurtful," she said on the show, which airs Tuesday. "I have always taken the high road when it comes to people talking bad about me, and I'm over it. It's not necessary to have negativity, especially in this day and age

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