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10 marzo 2009

Fan unhappy with Hilary Duff !

"~disclaimer~ i am a neutral-moderate hilary fan. i am not so dedicated to her that i can't poke fun at her on here, and i think she is absolutely lacking in all talent areas (though i totally rock out to gypsy woman with oohanalmond cruising around in my car), but i always thought she seemed really sweet and genuine and i admired her for that. plus i think she's ridiculously pretty. so i went for it and went to this thing.
not going to bore you with details of the event, but by the near-end of the dinner, there were like...8 people there who clearly just wanted to see hilary. most of the crowd was in their 30s and didn't even glance at hilary. myself, my sister (haaaaay i know you're reading this), and two other people approached the table for a photo. hilary turned her head the other way and her body guard shooed us away, telling us they wanted to eat dessert first. fair enough, we didn't know they hadn't had it yet.
but as soon as they put their spoons down after dessert, they pretty much lept up from the table and started heading towards the door. we walked towards the door to try again for a measley PHOTO with her (two seconds!) and were told rudely "NO PICTURES!" (umm except we were told otherwise on the phone...) - i was standing right beside hilary, so i asked her for a photo instead of her handlers, and she didn't even acknowledge me.
she had signed autographs and took photos with random fans hanging out outside waiting for her on the way into the event (because these people she's posing with were definitely not inside), but she didn't acknowledge anyone who was actually inside, dropping boatloads of cash (i'm a student so i'm def not rich) on her charity? i guess there weren't enough cameras around inside to catch her thanking people who actually, you know, contributed to her charity. unless you were 8 years old (those kids weren't even sperm when lizzie mcguire was on?!), you didn't get squat inside.
so yeah, i'm a bit butt-hurt over it.
i had a fine night regardless, it was just pretty disappointing.
hilary duff and i are done, professionally.
general details of the night: she's really skinny and small. like, really skinny. i don't understand how she photographs on the wider side because i don't think she could get any skinnier to be honest. and her fat arms? yeah, not fat at all. again, no idea how they photograph to be so big because if those are fat arms, i'd love to have fat arms like hilary duff. her teeth are huuuuuuuuge. it's like she struggles to get her lips around them, it was weird. might also be because her face is really gaunt and thin, but it doesn't look as bad in photos. so if she looks "fat" sometimes in pictures, i can't even imagine what really skinny photographed celebrities look in real life. and leah miller was her date. oh, and hilary did eat, surprisingly (seriously, ***** is so much skinnier than in pictures.) and drank wine."

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