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10 marzo 2009

Stay Cool World Premiere


The Tribeca Film Festival unveiled its narrative, documentary and Discovery competition roster Monday morning, featuring a new streamlined event with 84 features and 46 shorts screening April 22 - May 3. This year’s line up includes includes 46 world, five international, 13 North American, 3 U.S. and 11 New York City premieres, as well as eight titles, which are part of the event’s third annual Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival. 2,254 films were submitted for consideration this year, according to figures provided by the fest.
Talking with indieWIRE, Kwok noted the wide range to experience levels evidenced in this year’s competition, ranging from works by international filmmakers to Americans including Bradley Rust Gray (“The Exploding Girl”) and The Polish Brothers (“Stay Cool”).
Stay Cool,” directed by Michael Polish, written by Mark Polish. (USA) - World Premiere. Henry McCarthey (Mark Polish) returns home to give the commencement speech at his high school. But even after almost 20 years, it’s as if he never left - he again wants the girl, gets suspended by the principal, and is grounded by his parents. This charming comedy, featuring Winona Ryder and Hilary Duff, reminds us that time certainly does fly and old flames are hard to put out.

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