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11 aprile 2009

Hilary is working at new record

Hilary Duff says today’s teen stars like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have it harder than she did.When asked by E!’s Daily 10 if she felt bad for the amount of paparazzi that teen stars have to deal with, the Duffster said, “Hmmm… no, because I have to deal with it everyday too. I mean I think that they’re talented, you know, and it probably is a little harder for them now, you know, because there is so much paparazzi and it wasn’t like that so much a few years ago.”
Hil also went on to say she’s slowly gearing up for a new album: “I don’t really have a date or a deadline. I’m starting to work with a few producers, and writing and just figuring out a new… what new sound or what’s inspiring me… I don’t have deadlines. Or I don’t have anyone telling me what to do anymore.”
Hilary al canale televisivo E! entertaiment ha annunciato che sta lavorando lentamente a un nuovo album con un paio di prouttori non ha scadenza ma sta già scrivendo canzoni, ''sto facendo quello che mi ispira di più i suoni, e nessuno finalmente mi dice cosa deve fare''.

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