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01 maggio 2009

Fans Drive Interest In What Goes Up

It was posted on What Goes Up Official blog:
"In less than 24 hours, even before the What Goes Up Movie Soundtrack by Amherst Records appears on the homepage of iTunes (May 5), the soundtrack has already gained traction. And, "Any Other Day" by Hilary Duff has moved up 41 places on her iTunes top song list (four places in the last hour).
The song isn't the only amazing feature to focus on. The growing fan support that is providing a foundation for the film and the soundtrack is nothing short of amazing too.
"Hilary's new music is awesome! I'm so happy her film is being released, even though it's only a limited release. I love the song too!" — Emily Cluttrell, fan, iTunes review.
All across the Internet, dozens of fan sites and music reviewers representing various countries are talking about What Goes Up. Many of them are even creating their own renditions of promotional art. One of the very first seen last week was from Hilary Duff Online.
Hilary Duff Online is not alone. In addition to hundreds of blogs supporting various stars and promotional efforts, fans are connecting on Facebook and Twitter. Most feedback confirms what 1,200 views per day of the First Look: Olivia Thirlby video and 2,200 views per day of the "Any Other Day" by Hilary Duff teaser might suggest. There is growing interest in the film and the first showing at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival will likely sell out.
Of course, numbers alone don't tell the whole the story. Every day, the producers are pleasantly surprised by fans. For example, Zach M, who is a frequent visitor to the Hilary Fan Forum, recently sent in his vision for the cover of an "Any Other Day" single.
These efforts are also being supported several hardworking teams. Cast schedules are being reviewed, screening invitations are going out, media interest is growing, databases are being updated, promotions are being finalized, and the soundtrack label is considering various options while tracking the success of the new single. And right here, tomorrow, we'll post a "First Look: Steve Coogan in What Goes Up" video.
"This is all a countdown, to a higher place, countdown, into some outer space." — Hilary Duff, from "Any Other Day" on the What Goes Up Soundtrack.
La cazone any another day ha riscosso già successo si è spostat di 41 posizioni delle sue canzoni di itunes appena uscita e i fan stanno sostenendo hilary molto facendo copertine fan art. Insomma questo singolo è a dir poco azzecato tutto il cast di what goes up ne è fiero

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